Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hark! A Horned Lark!

So, now that migration season has long been over I have moved on to a new project that I am working on. I am working at Fort McCoy and studying butterflies. It's a whole new area for me and I'm just learning a ton of new stuff! I have been quite busy lately and haven't had time to update my blog. But hopefully that will change.

Well, I just wanted to take a moment and update with some photos of Horned Larks at Fort McCoy. I don't get to see grassland species like larks very often, so I like to take the time to watch them scuttle across the roads while I'm here. Funny thing is that just after I took the pictures, a few soldiers pulled up in their Humvee and asked if I was OK. And of course they scared away the birds! I thought it best not to explain the whole situation though and just move on home! I'm sure they would have thought I was crazy though, looking at birds while they are busy preparing for war. Anyway, here are the pictures and video...

You can see the horns right?

Horned Lark from stephanie beilke on Vimeo.

Look (and listen) closely! There's a butterfly waving its wings in the background (no I don't know what kind) and the bird you hear singing is a Vesper Sparrow.