Sunday, February 1, 2009

dreams of spring warblers

It's been a long time since I last wrote a blog entry and a lot has happened since August! I went to Peru and saw wild macaws and toucans and took part in a banding expedition in the rainforest. I have hundreds of pictures to upload. I also had some exciting fall banding back at home. And of all things, I banded my first House Sparrow-- ok that part wasn't as much of a thrill! But I thought I would post a new blog since this weekend I was inspired to draw again. I haven't really done any birdy art in months. But the other night I dreamt about catching Black-throated Blue Warblers so I thought I would take my tablet out and draw one. The Black-throated Blue Warbler male is so distinctive and handsome. I still have a memory of seeing one for the first time, since it was one of the very first birds I indentified on my own about 15 years ago.

So here is the birdy art for the weekend. A Black-throated Blue Warbler and a Palm Warbler, both males in spring plumage...

I hope to write an update about my Peru trip some time in the future! But in the meantime feel free to check out my web album:

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Suezq said...

Please, please draw both at work, on the white board behind our workstations. Remember... if you draw it, they will come! This winter has been long enough! :)